15 Cars You Should Not Buy This Year

15 Cars You Should Not Buy This Year

If you are thinking of buying a new car this year, there is an overload of options but the best way to assess on the right one is to eliminate the worst automobiles.

We have researched the worst automobile purchases in the recent year and this list should help you cross out those that you shouldn’t invest in.

Mercedes-Benz CLA250

When you purchase a Mercedes, you expect the car to be exceptional, and this model does not meet these expectations. It scores low for reliability and owner satisfaction. The acceleration is abrupt and uncomfortable, and the whole driving experience is unpleasant. It is advertising with tempting base price but give it a wide berth to avoid disappointment.

Fiat 500L

This car looks cute and is small and compact. It has, however, the worst reliability record listed this year in a large consumer survey. Consumers also complained that the car is uncomfortable to drive with flat seats and an odd driving position. Give this car a miss

Lincoln MKS

Considering you can buy an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or a fully specified Lexus Es-350 for the same money as a Lincoln MKS costs, the quality of this car does match its peers. It could be described as ugly with its huge grill on the front, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The MKS is based on the Ford Taurus but has not really got the luxury improvements that justify its price tag.

Chrysler 200

The transmission in this car is known to be very unreliable. It has very low scores when road tested with consumers. There are so many cars in the same category that outclass this model it is difficult to justify why to buy one. The handling is described as clumsy, the four-cylinder engine is said to be clunky, so we suggest you pick something else.


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