20 Most Beautiful French Cars Ever Made

20 Most Beautiful French Cars Ever Made

Italy may have made a good amount of beautiful cars in the world, but once we had whittled down the most beautiful French cars to 20, France could have been making a good competition here.

France certainly makes the coolest cars in the world, but they might be creeping in on the most beautiful cars too. You may let us know in the comments at the end of this list for you to decide which country produces the most beautiful once and for all.

These are, what we consider to be, the most beautiful French cars. We know some of these are mechanically crap, but it will be like arguing that a Monet painting is shit as a frisbee.

Without further ado, here are the 20 most beautiful French cars ever made.


Not multi-talented but a refreshingly different and refined take on a big saloon.

AT THE LAUNCH of the new Citroën C6 executive saloon there wasn’t one mention of its potential Nürburgring lap time. It won’t be available in anything resembling a ‘Sport’ model and the word ‘relaxing’ is liberally sprinkled throughout the marketing bumf.

This, you’d conclude, is a car created solely for comfortable and effortless cruising. A refreshing contrast to the ‘sportiness’ promoted by most big saloons which, let’s face it, few of them actually deliver.

Comfort and refinement are what big Citroëns have been serving up since before the war and that is exactly what’s promised with the latest one.

On the road, it feels like the double chevron has hit most of its targets, too.

The front-wheel-drive C6 sits on the latest incarnation of Citroën’s unique hydropneumatic suspension system. In past incarnations this has only varied spring rates according to speeds and road surfaces; in the latest version, developed for the C6, it repeats the trick with the dampers too.

The result is a quiet ride that isolates you from the worst excesses of the outside world as well as any of its peers and in most situations a damn sight better. Your eyes see the road scars ahead but the chassis does such a good mopping-up job that they’re sandpapered away by the time you’ve crossed them. It’s not perfect – low-speed lumps are not as effectively dealt with – but this is a relaxing multi-lane tool.

Citroën has come up with a viable alternative to the executive saloon norm, and if you like the emphasis on style, comfort and refinement then it’s definitely worth a look.

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