42 effective cleaning tips for your car

42 effective cleaning tips for your car

Let’s face it, nobody likes driving around in a garbage can on wheels. And no matter what you think, it is always important to keep your car as clean as possible at all times. But going to get your car detailed is so hard and expensive, while cleaning out your car takes up so much time and energy.

Well, as the saying goes, work smarter not harder. Clean freaks and messy-heads unite! We have uncovered the best hacks around for keeping your car clean all the time, or, if you are a mess already, easy ways to clean up without it taking hours of your day or killing your back. There are plenty of people around the world that have used these techniques that are in here, enjoyed what they did to enhance their driving experience and have probably introduced this to their homes as well.

Several lessons that we learned through writing this piece is that lemon is good for MANY things, and that household products are good for your car too (well, some of them at least, others may just ruin your vehicle so watch out). There is nothing like a clean car, well, maybe a new car and that new car smell, but other than that, there really is nothing like a well kept four wheeled best friend who takes you from point A to point B in clean and tidy style. This goes for men and women as equals, despite there being a reputation for men to be obsessed with their cars, women are capable of keeping their car as clean as their male counterparts can. So check out these car cleaning hacks that’ll make cleaning up a breeze.

1 – Bleach your wheels

Getting those rims clean is no easy feat. There is a great hack for it, though! Get hold of some bleach powder (Clorox and the like), sprinkle it onto a rag and add a splash of Lysol to the area where the powder is. Now, scrub the metal rim of your car and see how beautifully all the grime is scrubbed away to reveal the original sparkle that was there when the car was manufactured. The work isn’t easy but it well worth it!

2 – Foam brushes for your vents

Air vents need to be kept clean. You never know when someone with a dust allergy will come into your car and have a dust sneezing attack. Additionally, it simply is not healthy to be breathing in all of that dust. So go down to your local hardware store and get a cheap, small foam brush. Now you can clean out those vents and keep your car smelling fresh as well.

3 – Toothbrush detail

If you want to detail your car you don’t necessarily need all of those fancy tools and and kits. All you truly need is a toothbrush and a bit of moxie mixed with elbow grease. The bristles in the toothbrush will dig down deep into crevices and get that dirt out. That is exactly what happens whenever you brush your teeth, so you know that this brush will be able to do the job.

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