50 Of The Most Useless Cars Ever Made

50 Of The Most Useless Cars Ever Made

The Worst Cars Ever Made Will Make You Rethink Your Buying Options

No one wants to drive a lemon. You know, the car you buy, then as soon as you take it off the lot something fails. The engine goes kaput, or the brakes don’t work. The worst thing that could happen goes wrong, and you’re left with a huge monetary loss. How do you avoid this? One of the easiest things to do is to avoid cars that were made poorly, to begin with. This list will show you the worst cars ever made, so you don’t end up trying to make lemonade out of a lemon.

One car coming up was supposed to be the “car of the future” – the only problem is it had a tendency to explode!

The 2004 Chevy SSR Was All For Show

The SSR in Chevy SSR stands for “Super Sport Roadster.” Upon release, consumers realized this car was anything but a super, sporty roadster. Instead, it was a heavy and slow failure of a car with a shiny retro design.

If only Chevy had cared as much about what was under the hood as they cared about what it looked like. The car’s body was too heavy for its engine, resulting in a sluggish performance that many critics described as lazy. Just as quickly as this car was released, it was put to rest.

Coming up, one of Pontiac’s most universally despised cars.

No One Liked The Pontiac Aztek

As soon as the Pontiac Aztek was announced, it was universally hated by car lovers. Critics claimed the design of the car itself made no sense, especially its oddly-shaped front end. It didn’t help that the body was made of plastic instead of something safer.

When Pontiac announced the features that would come with the Aztek and the price tag they would have to pay, it became clear the crossover was doomed. People just weren’t willing to pay for unimpressive performance and underwhelming design.

The Mustang II Was A Major Mistake

Ford bought into the idea of Pinto like no one could have expected. The Mustang II was based on the same idea as the Pinto. It was designed as a coupe that was supposed to drive like a roadster.

Like the Pinto, the Mustang II suffered from several fatal flaws, including a generally underwhelming performance. Upon its release, critics called it the poor man’s AMC Gremlin, a similar car which offered better performance. Of course, the Gremlin wasn’t popular either, so maybe that wasn’t a good thing.

Next, remember when Lincoln tried to get into the pick up truck business?

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