Steer Clear: 18 Cars To Avoid In 2020

Steer Clear: 18 Cars To Avoid In 2020

It should go without saying that today’s cars are better in nearly every respect than ever, with even the least-expensive rides on the road delivering acceptable levels of performance and build quality. Still, as has always been the case, some models tend to make better vehicular companions than others.

While the worst cars and trucks on the market were once slammed for their abysmal fit and finish, a propensity to rust away at the slightest hint of humidity, and/or dubious engineering that would tend to leave motorists stranded with cataclysmic breakdowns, today’s lower-rated models tend to be criticized more for a litany of otherwise relatively benign problems, like difficult-to-master infotainment systems.

At that, some cars and trucks have either lost whatever limited appeal they may have had by lingering in the marketplace for an extended period without undergoing a major redesign or simply missed the mark in the first place. Further pockmarked by sub-par performance and reliability ratings, these are models with which one can almost always do better.

18. Smart EQ ForTwo

With slim sales, the tiny Smart EQ ForTwo full-electric subcompact coupe and convertible flies under the radar of Consumer Reports and JD Power owner surveys, so this pick is entire our call. While it’s cleverly styled and is the cheapest EV you can buy, its two-seat interior is cramped, there’s little in the way of cargo space, and highway driving can be unnerving. Worse, the ForTwo’s operating range on a charge is feeble, at an anxiety-inducing 58 miles. A used Nissan Leaf is a better pick for the money.

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