My Car is Made From? 20 Vehicles With Surprising Birthplaces

My Car is Made From? 20 Vehicles With Surprising Birthplaces

By now we all know our cars come from a variety of places, often thousands of miles from an automaker’s headquarters. Many of the Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, BMW and Mercedes-Benz models sold in America are made in America, while several Ford, GM and Dodge models are made in Mexico and Canada. But even in this globalized economy, surprises remain. Here are 20 cars built in countries you might least expect, further evidence it’s a small world after all.

2017 Mini Convertible – Netherlands

The soft-top version of the Mini Cooper, all new last year, is built by Dutch contract manufacturer VDL Nedcar. While Mini’s U.K. factory in Oxford can build over 250,000 cars a year, executives say the Dutch site is needed to build even more due to demand.

2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA – Hungary

This compact four-door sedan with a stylish coupe-like profile has struck a chord with buyers seeking a Mercedes-Benz at an un-Mercedes-like price. But how many of them know their entry-level luxury car hails not from Germany but Hungary?

2017 Fiat 124 Spider: Japan

This Fiat has a distinctly European flair but comes from a surprising birthplace: Japan. There’s a good reason for this — Fiat’s roadster is built through a partnership with Mazda, and though it uses a different powertrain and possesses its own style, it’s related to the Mazda MX-5 Miata and thus is built at the same factory in Hiroshima.

2017 Civic Hatchback/Civic Type R: England

While the majority of Honda Civics are made in America, the latest derivatives of Honda’s popular compact car are made across the pond. The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback and the just-introduced 2017 Civic Type R — a high-performance version of the hatch that has long been forbidden fruit to the U.S. market — are actually imported here from Honda’s factory in Swindon, England.

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