The Worst Cars Of The 80’s

The Worst Cars Of The 80’s

There have been some terrible cars produced throughout automotive history. However, most of the biggest design mistakes ever made was during the ’80s. Actually, much of the 1970s was quite sketchy too. If car design, engineering, and manufacture had skipped over the 1980s, no one would mind. The ’80s is a dark time for car design and we’ve traveled back to that atrocious time to collect together the worst of the worst. We’ve put together a list of the worst cars of the ’80s for your horror and delight.

So, we’ve gone back and looked at the various automotive horrors of the decade, and we can definitively say that these are The Worst Cars of the ’80s:

Oldsmobile Firenza

Launched: 1982

What Made It So Awful: Littering junkyards all over America is the Oldsmobile. The Chevy Cavalier is such a terrible car that we’ve included any relative of it here. And that’s the Oldsmobile Firenza. Except the Oldsmobile Firenza was more costly than the Cavalier. But this car was never a good seller and the Cavalier was. The Firenza died a death, the Cavalier was more difficult to kill off.

Cadillac Cimarron

Launched: 1982

What Made It So Awful: Cadillac had always produced gigantic boat-sized cars. But in the year 1982, they decided to produce a small car. Actually, it was a poorly disguised Chevrolet Cavalier. To add insult to injury, they added a few thousand to the price tag too. Forbes Magazine put this car on their list of Legendary Car Flops. Even without Forbes support, this one had to be on our list too.

Corvette “305” California

Launched: 1980

What Made It So Awful: Corvette has made some of the hottest sports cars in the history of sports cars. It’s one of the most popular cars too, selling millions of units. But this asthmatic car had less horsepower than a lawnmower and was just about as attractive.

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