The 20 Worst Pickup Trucks Of The 21st Century

The 20 Worst Pickup Trucks Of The 21st Century

Pickup trucks really came to fame in the 1970s, when the need for an everyday vehicle to use for long-range transport had become common for vehicles on the roads. Even with the rise of SUVs, pickups are still used by those who don’t want to rent a full-scale truck but still need to haul a lot of heavy stuff around.

Just like any other type of car, pickups have had more than their share of lemons. Most belong to the 80s and 90s when the kinks were being improved and too many models boasted great power but not enough speed. The 21st century has allowed technology to improve things so owners can enjoy great rides.

Various models have been produced as companies try to mix together the right size of truck for use based on comfort. Many prefer a simple truck that can handle the serious weight, and sometimes rough terrain, along with a very nice bed in the rear. Car producers have been creating more upscale pickups and even played around with the occasional grandeur item. And yet, most pickup owners still prefer something simple for everyday use.

Sadly, quite a few are not up to the requirements. Some are plagued by horrible issues that turn them into repair-ridden nightmares. Others don’t have the right bed space or ability to drive properly. Then there are others that are just flat out terrible in their design. Here are the 20 worst pickup trucks since 2000.


On any Honda forum, the 2006 Ridgeline is easily cited as not just the worst pickup but one of the worst cars the company ever built. It looks as if someone was trying to assemble a Hummer but got bored halfway through and quit. Its small trunk space is bad, as is the bulky frame. What really made it worse was that it conned countless owners into thinking it drove great when first bought. Before long, reports grew of the Ridgeline being unreliable with constant breakdowns and issues with the suspension, brakes, engine and more. Thankfully, Honda improved it with further models yet the 2006 version remains a lemon.

19. 2012 RAM 2500

Usually, Dodge’s Rams are seen as sone of the most dependable and must-buy pickups on the road. However, even the best trucks can have a poor year and 2012 was one for the Ram 2500. It got great reviews for its hauling power, speed, and reliability. But then the problems came in, with hundreds of complaints about how shifting without touching the brakes could cause the truck to go out of control. The engine also had bad coolant issues which increased the likelihood of combustion. No less than five recalls were made due to these issues and it got the company some bad press.

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